10 Summer Essentials You Need Now

1 – The classic monogramed canvas tote bag – This is a no-brainer. Nothing screams classy summer getaway like a monogramed canvas tote bag. Sturdy enough to carry an elephant in and preppy enough to enjoy wearing without feeling guilty about tossing it in the back seat of your car, bringing it to the beach, or just toting it around (no pun intended) all summer long. 

2- A pair of Jack Rogers Sandals– Although Jack Rogers has been a long-time staple in the classic summer wardrobe, it stands true this year in 2017 more than ever. These classic slides are pretty enough to wear to formal events and comfortable enough to hit the beach with. 

3 – Stripes, stripes, and more stripes! – A nautical getaway is never complete without the appropriate striped attire. From the classic French Sailor Shirt to the Vineyard Vines Pullover, stripes are here to stay! 

4- A Glass Water Bottle – Staying hydrated year-round is a task in itself let alone in the summertime! Make sure to keep cool with a glass water bottle. Good for you, good for the planet, and a stylish way to beat heat exhaustion. Sounds like a win-win to me! 

5- A good camera – As a blogger, I never leave home without my Canon 70D. Aside from wanting to capture moments to share on social media, keeping a camera handy is a great idea for capturing those precious summer moments with family and friends. 

6- This Aperol Spritz recipe! – Aperol Spritz is THE hottest drink in Italy / Europe right now. Anybody who is anybody drinks it and I can understand why! If you like a light orangey drink thats got some bubbly to spice things up this summer, look no further! 

7- A weekender duffle bag – Weekends in Summer present themselves with endless opportunities for travel. A stylish duffle bag, ready to go with some must-have essentials thrown in is the perfect way to cut down on packing time and make room for more adventure! 

8- Throw-in-your-bag-and-go skincare products– To tie into #7, a packed and ready duffle bag must come complete with the essentials. I like having a kit such as my Willing Beauty HY +5 kit ready to go to make sure that my skincare routines isn’t slacking while I’m away. I also enjoy the COOLA Sun-care kits to ensure I’m playing it smart when it comes to the sun!

9-Boating Shoes – Adventuring out on the lake, traveling to new islands, or just hangin’ by the dock – boating shoes are a must-have for any sea-faring soul. I prefer my Sperry’s in gold for nights out on the lake. 

10- Sea Salt Hairspray – Summer brings about a carefree attitude and with that, an easy, laid-back approach to beauty. A quick spritz of my Not Your Mother’s Sea salt hair spray and my locks are good to go! 



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