3 Foolproof Tips for Winter Decorating

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  • Claire Cavanaugh
  • February 5, 2018

As I’m sure many of you will attest to, great decorating has as much function as it does fashion. This is especially true through the cold, dark winter months, when the short days and limited outdoor time can start to take their toll early and often. Thankfully, some thoughtful décor can go great lengths in combating such seasonal slumps!

Take a look at a few tips below for decorating your bedrooms, dorm rooms, and homes this winter season!

1. Opt for Color

Bursts of bright colors — think fun pillows, bold picture frames, and abundant fruit displays — are a nearly foolproof way to liven up a space. Mood-boosting colors like lively orange, calm blue, and bright white can help you forget that the warm thrills of summer are months away!

2. Make Spirits Bright

Time to get lit! These days, it’s dark early, and by the time the afternoon is barely over, your brain switches to night-mode. Keep the day going with some extra lights! Add a new lamp or two, string up some Christmas lights, and on especially chilly days and nights, light a fire!

3. Go Green

Seeing as you’re stuck inside, why not bring the outside in? Some low-maintenance greenery like succulents and aloe plants are great additions to any room, and they come at a low cost with minimal space invasion! What’s not to love?

How do you decorate your space for winter? Don’t forget to share your thoughts and tips in the comments below!


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