Two nights ago, I watched the movie 300 for the first time. Tonight, I just finished watching the sequel and after all the blood, gore, sweat and tears shown throughout the movie – I’m surprised to admit that I absolutely loved it. An odd fact about me is that I love war movies. Now, despite what that might sound like, my love for war movies has nothing to do with the fact that there is action, violence, or death in the films. Rather, my excitement for war movies comes from watching people band together over a common cause and fight for a purpose beyond themselves. Yes, there is a lot of violence in 300. However, above all the violence, the spirit of the Greek people is what makes the movie so wonderful. We have something to learn from the Spartans. . . 

“300 men. The number did not matter”  – Call me crazy, but that exact sentence, spoken by the voice of the narrator, hit me like a ton of bricks. The number did not matter. The numbers do not matter. I’m in the midst and the heart of my blogging journey and it seems as though the biggest thing in my way is my numbers. Compared to other bloggers, my numbers are small. My instagram followers? Small. Facebook? Twitter? Google plus? All small. At times, I get discouraged by this. Upon hearing that sentence, however, I finally understood; the numbers do NOT matter! 

I might have a small group of readers (and you guys are awesome!) but just like the Spartans, I know we can do big, BIG things. In fact, I know we can blow the competition’s engagement out of the water! Just because you are outnumbered, does not mean that you cannot be great. I’m excited to be on this journey with you guys, you really do mean the world to me. (Insert epic battle cry similar to Spartans). 

Xo, R


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