4 Cozy Ways to Unwind in the New Year

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  • Claire Cavanaugh
  • January 14, 2018

Whew ­— you made it! The rush of buying, wrapping, giving, and getting is behind you, along with the unpredictable family-isms only the holidays can bring. Your tolerance for pie is maxed out, and one more rendition of “All I Want for Christmas Is You” will surely send you into a fit. The clock is soon to strike 2018, and all of a sudden, there’s one more thing on your list.

For most, New Year’s resolutions are all about being a better person. But not many of us think to start with being better to ourselves. Here are four ways to unwind, relax, and practice some self-care as you ring in the New Year!

1. Read

Whether it’s a classic you’ve been putting off for a while or a cover that caught your eye in the bookstore, pick a book that excites you and get those pages turning! If you’re not a big reader, start with a chapter or two before bed each night until you’re invested in the story. If you’re still not feeling it after a week, pick a new book! Don’t be afraid to ask friends for recommendations or research some topics of interest for well-reviewed choices.

Settling in with a good book turns off your brain and invites you to another world — without the screen time involved in a Netflix binge!

2. Craft

If you’ve read my previous post about hobbies, you know the critical role they play in living a balanced life. Like all hobbies, crafting gives you a chance to learn something new, pursue improvement, and focus on personal achievement: all perfect for starting anew in 2018!

3. Cook

Fresh off a holiday high, you know there’s nothing quite like food to bring people together. Whether you’re staying in for a fancy, homemade meal or whipping up a batch of edible gifts to bring to a New Year’s party, cooking allows you to care for yourself and those around you in one fell swoop!

4. Clean

While this one might not sound quite as luxurious, there’s a reason we use the term “cleansing” to describe an effective meditation session or thrilling outdoor excursion. I’m a true believer in de-cluttered spaces for de-cluttered minds — so grab some trash bags and get to work! Chances are, the results will be remarkably freeing!

What are your tips and tricks for unwinding during busy times? Don’t forget to share in the comments below!


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