5 Style Rules to Transform Any Outfit

  • Fashion
  • Rachel Walker
  • July 14, 2017

1 Always create SHAPE (or the illusion of shape) 

One of the best things that you can do to transform your outfit is to create shape where there is none. Adding a belt to a longer shirt or to a jumpsuit can make your waist more pronounced. Purchasing A-line skirts that hug your knees help create the illusion of longer legs as does high-waisted shorts, jeans, and skirts. 

By purchasing outfits that have vertical stripes down the sides, you can create a slimmer silhouette. Adding shape is easy with a little practice! 

2 Know your COLORS! 

Colors can make or break a look. Adding a pop of color can spruce-up a dull outfit or draw attention to an area (and with darker colors like black, navy, and deep purple you can draw attention away from an area as well!) 

Darker colors have a slimming effect on the torso and legs but have a shortening effect with accessories and makeup. For example, a dark ankle-strap on a heel will make your legs look shorter and wearing dark nail polish will have a shortening effect on your nails. This is also why I personally don’t wear dark lipstick as it has a thinning effect! 

3 Don’t over-do it on the STATEMENT PIECES 

Statement pieces are great! However, too many statement pieces will clash and remove the effect of having one wow-factor item in your wardrobe. For example, when it comes to accessories such as earrings and necklaces try to pick just one that stands out. Flashy Earrings + Flashy Necklace = Confusing for the Eyes 

Pick one statement piece and stick to it! 

4 Dress with a THEME or CHARACTER in mind 

Sometimes the easiest way to dress for an occasion is to emulate what we see in the TV and movies. When I think of dressing up for a business event, I try to envision an outfit similar to some of my favorite characters. Designers, stylists, and entire industries go into dressing TV characters to convey an image to the audience so use that to your advantage! When I get dressed up for a business meeting, for example, I choose items akin to Claire Underwood in House of Cards. Slimming dresses, belts, lots of buttons and sharp heels. 

Themes work well for special occasions such as Christmas (red, green, white, gold, silver), Easter (lots of pastels and lace), and even Halloween (black, orange, darker tones). When choosing colors, theme dressing makes it that much easier because the occasion already has a color scheme to follow!

Navy dress calvin klein burberry bag boston style collective blogger

Channeling Claire Underwood with this navy dress

5 Keep within the SEASON 

Certain materials and styles are very seasonal. Materials like corduroy should be worn in cooler weather such as in the Fall or Winter and lighter materials such as lace or silk should be worn in warmer weather such as the Spring or Summer. Keeping within the season makes your outfit appropriate for the weather and really makes you look like you understand the basic elements of great style. 


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