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  • Rachel Walker
  • July 26, 2016

Earlier in the month, I had the wonderful opportunity of being able to slip away for a mini vacation with Marc to celebrate his birthday at the Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas. I had never been to the Caribbean before and I was very excited to see what was in store for us when we arrived! We were only able to sneak away for three days, but the trip was well worth it! Just enough time to relax and enjoy each other’s company before heading back to work and the chaos of everyday life.






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Overall, I had an incredible experience at Atlantis! I would highly recommend going and checking it out if you are looking for a fun yet low-key Caribbean experience. Aside from being able to swim with dolphins and relax on the beach, there are a ton of other really fun things to do. Shopping, dancing, spending some time playing Roulette and Black Jack at the casino, you name it! I’m not really much of a gambler – Atlantis was my first time ever sitting down at a casino table – and let me tell you, it was a blast! Roulette is definitely a great game for beginners and easy to win at (I walked away with $200 after putting down only $60) and although I’m still a little skeptical about gambling in general, I would say that Atlantis is your best bet as a first-timer.

The shopping was incredible as well and duty-free to boot! (The Gucci store had a serious collection of gorgeous new handbags and had I won big at the casino, I would have been posting up about blowing all of my winnings on this handbag.)

Also, when it comes to sushi, look no further than Nobu! Marc and I ate there every single night. We’re really big on sushi as a couple, but I’ve never been so daring when it comes to eating raw fish before. I couldn’t help it! The sushi bar was the coolest thing I’ve experienced when it comes to food on vacation. The intense flavor and freshness of eating sushi right when its made in front of you is an experience like no other! Normally, I used to think I was a big sushi- loving gal by sticking to my go-to California or Maki rolls, but now I really know what its like to eat sushi like a pro. I tried a live conch and it was actually pretty delicious! Take my word for it. Go to a sushi bar and remember the following tips:

1) Soy sauce is NOT your friend. The saltiness of the soy sauce is meant to compliment sushi, not to saturate the sushi with. Try dipping a TINY bit on the back end of the raw fish of your choice and place the back end where you dipped the soy sauce into your mouth FIRST. Total game changer, take my word on it!

2) Eat the sushi all in ONE bite. Sushi is supposed to be consumed as soon as possible from when it is prepared to preserve freshness and flavor. The combination of sushi, rice, and seasoning (such as wasabi – not the fake wasabi we get in the states, I mean the real wasabi thats actually sweet) is meant to harmoniously blend in your mouth. Eating the sushi in one bite helps you taste each part in unison.

3) DO NOT ORDER UNI AS A BEGINNER. Marc would really disagree with me here, but he’s been doing serious sushi eating way longer than I have. The feeling of eating Uni (sea urchin) is almost like sucking on salt water flavored butter. Its a delicacy to most experienced sushi eaters, but it takes some time to grow on you. I, for one, couldn’t stand it. It was just a little too fishy for me!

The Spa at the resort is one of the better spas that I have been to. It is called the Mandara Spa and there are all sorts of different treatment options available for you to try. I had a Swedish massage (light pressure) and it was out of this world. I would highly recommend booking your services in advance. There were tons of other treatments I was excited to try, but the times and availabilities for services were few and I ended up missing out on some really cool options because of a lack of planning. Don’t let that happen to you! Book your spa services well before you even leave for the trip! Trust me, it will be worth it.

As short as our trip was, it was certainly memorable and I cannot wait to go back! There is something wonderful about trying new things and traveling to new places with the person you love and I would highly recommend Atlantis to any couple looking to have a fun Caribbean adventure.


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