The Beauty Edit No. 01

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  • Rachel Walker
  • May 25, 2016

I am all about being feminine. Pink, pretty, all dolled-up, call it what you may, I love it! I don’t like overthinking things like hair, makeup and nails because at the end of the day, those are just little vanities I use to feel a little bit better and put my best self forward. That being said, however, I have begun to overthink my cosmetic bag and make some SERIOUS changes. And by serious changes I mean I chucked a brand new Naked palette, a Too Faced Cosmetics (brand new) eyeshadow set, almost every single one of my lip glosses and my entire life’s collection of makeup (except my Yves St. Laurent lipstick and all of my Mac lipsticks . . . still waiting for the day I man up and dump them. . . ) Just as a disclaimer : NO, I did not fall off the deep-end and NO this is not a mid-life crisis.

In writing this blog, I decided that I wanted to learn a little bit more about the products I’d one day be promoting. Could I feel good about myself putting my name and recommendation on things that I wasn’t 100% certain on? I’ve been eating pretty clean, watching out for GMOs, chemicals, and anything funky / unnatural about my food for years now and I can honestly say that my health has seriously improved because of it. I became so regimented in  clean food but when it came to my makeup- forget it. Nothing could stop me from putting harsh chemicals on my face! Makeup is makeup. I continued using whatever I wanted to use for my cosmetic products and I came up with all sorts of different reasons why switching to chemical free or organic makeup had to wait. “Organic makeup is way too expensive” “Only hippies actually use that stuff” “Makeup can’t be THAT bad for you” “There is no way that organic products actually hold up” etc. etc.

I decided to research those comments and I am SO glad that I did! For starters, I started reading organic beauty blogs (such as, my favorite, The Organic Bunny) and brushing up on my understanding of what actually happens when you put harsh chemicals on your skin. Ladies, the answer is the farthest thing from pretty! In that moment, I decided to have a fresh start with my cosmetic case (which was actually a giant drawer of stuff. . . yikes!) and just trashed it ALL. It felt really great to get rid of all the old junk I was holding on to. Also, shopping for new organic makeup has been really fun!

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So, for this first Beauty Edit, I wanted to share some of my early findings with you guys! After getting rid of all my old toxic makeup, I found an incredible app called Think Dirty that scans all of your products for their levels of toxicity (warning: this is scary) and have used it to not only clear up all of my products, but also to find new brands that are much healthier. My first big organic / clean beauty product favorite (drumroll please) that I have found is an AMAZING facial cleanser by the brand 100% Pure. The eucalyptus sea foam cleanser has just changed my entire perspective on  beauty. Its filled with essential oils, has a great peppermint smell, and lathers eloquently (not kidding). I feel like my face is singing with joy (also not kidding) whenever I use this stuff. Its legit phenomenal and my skin has never felt better! Also, the smell is fantastic. Its almost addicting. On the nights where I just want to crash into bed and not wash my face (a horrible habit that I sometimes fall prey to) I actually look forward to using the cleanser and that saves me from sleeping with my makeup on. So I love this stuff. End Rant.

The same company also makes a pink grapefruit shower gel that is also quite nice. I was never really a shower-gel type of gal, but it came as a sample with my order and now I’m changing my opinion a little. The smell of the pink grapefruit shower gel isn’t as strong as the cleanser, rather it has a very faint smell that just hints at your nose.

100% Pure has a mascara that is apparently an organic-beauty-cult-favorite and go-to and I must say, I am a convert. The Ultra Lengthening Fruit Pigmented mascara (in black tea) at first is a little strange. It has a very interesting fruity smell (who would have ever thought that sniffing mascara was a thing?!) and its very thick for being made of fruit pigments. I have found that the mascara looks best on top of fake lashes and also after applying 2 coats. I’ve been very happy with the results (although warning: do NOT wet your eyes as the mascara runs – its not waterproof – and the mascara will sting – the only negative)

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Lastly, 100% Pure makes a GORGEOUS fruit pigmented Lip & Cheek tint. I use the pink grapefruit color. At first, I wasn’t too keen on using a cream based blush, but it has since become my favorite thing. I just dab on two perfect circles on the apples of my cheeks and use a Sigma brush to brush/blend the blush upwards. Works like a charm every time!

I decided to review 100% Pure for my first Beauty Edit because it is the first organic brand that I have genuinely enjoyed using and have been very pleased with the results. Also, because I have been using these products consistently now and I feel confident in my review of them.

What are your thoughts on my switch to organic beauty? Have you ever tried using non-toxic cosmetics? Write in the comments below!

Xo Rachel

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