Why Commitment Is the Best Strategy for Achieving Success

What is commitment anyways? 

According to Dictionary.com, commitment is 

“A pledge or promise; obligation” 

Commitment, in my experience, is the ability to stick to your decisions and see them through. 

It is easy to commit to things when they are fun. “Of course I can make it to the game” “Absolutely I will go with you to Italy this fall!” “I will definitely finish that cake if you don’t eat it.” Easy. Easy. Easy.

However, what happens when things are hard and the going gets tough? Or when you need to commit to something difficult to be able to achieve a goal? This is where commitment and your ability to stick things through is put to the test. 

If you are like me, there are some things in life that are easy for you to commit to. For example, I have always been good at maintaining relationships with people. I enjoy being around people and seeing through the challenges of friendship (or with a significant other) because I have always placed a high value on the relationship overall. My eyes are set on winning the war, not just the momentary battle. 

On the other hand, there are things that I struggle to this day to commit to. Such as finishing my Bachelors Degree. Personally, my career ambitions have always been to own my own business, especially a web-based business such as a blog. I adore learning about business and entrepreneurship and how to mix the two. Unfortunately, there is no Bachelors of Science in Influencer Marketing – even though influencer marketing in itself is entirely changing the way the world shops and it is happening so drastically I can barely keep up with it! 

For me – committing to finishing my degree is so difficult because I see no strong personal value to it for my ambitions and goals (and by the time my children have children – a person’s “degree” will be their social presence on the web – and its already happening today!) 

So why is it important to commit to something that you know you should be doing (eating healthy, finishing your degree, going to the gym etc.) when you have no desire for it and the going gets tough? Because . . . 

. . . the Habit of Commitment is more important than any momentary reason to quit. 

You see, our brains love to create neural pathways. Once you start doing something repetitively, it becomes a habit and the brain automatically switches to that habit when faced with a similar situation. So if you give up on a commitment once, you are more likely to give up on another commitment again, and again, and again. 

Success comes in many different forms, and all forms of success will require you to do something momentarily that you dislike to achieve your goal and that is where having commitment on autopilot (as a habit) will become your greatest tool towards achieving success. 

Commitment helps you build credit with yourself, and others. Being able to commit and having that mindset on autopilot is so essential to your success because it takes your mind from a place of “I can find something / someone better” (a never-ending spiral) to a place of “I can and I will make whatever situation /relationship I am in great.” I know what you’re thinking now. . . 

. . .so how do I make commitment a regular habit? 

Easy! (Kind of) 

Every single time you give your word – honor it. It does not matter who you gave your word to. Sign up for classes at school? Don’t drop out. Tell your boss that you can work Saturday? Don’t give an excuse. Tell yourself that you will make it to pilates class tomorrow? Go to the class and rock it! 

The more and more you deny yourself of the momentary pleasure of being able to quit – the stronger and stronger your commitment muscle will become and the easier it will be for you to see things through. 

By denying yourself of the urge to quit or change your mind when things get hard – the better off you will be. This small daily action will build up a reservoir of mental strength that is yours to keep and use when situations become difficult! 

How do you follow through on your decisions? Share any tips on commitment in the comments section below! Xo, R


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