Motivation: How to Create and Sustain It!

The best source of motivation comes from within.

With any goal, challenge, or experience that you attempt, the easiest way to achievement is when you believe in your efforts – mind, body, and soul. Accomplishing your goals is a walk in the park when you can stay internally motivated. But what happens when that motivation isn’t there? How do you keep going when doubt sneaks its way into your mind? 

Creating motivation for yourself takes practice – just like anything else worth having in this world. I believe that staying positive and training your mind to think in a can-do way is what ultimately separates the winners from the losers. Those who achieve their dreams vs those who do not. 

Every day, I work at maintaining inner motivation. Days like today (especially) are when I use the following tips to bring me out of the oh-too-common mindset of doubt. When I feel like the world is against me or when nothing is going right and progress is at a standstill, the first step I take is to tell myself 

“This struggle is for now. Not forever” 

By singling out the negative event (or any thought that is causing you stress, worry, or doubt) and labeling it as a temporary struggle – you begin to change your perception of how you will get through it. By realizing that what you are going through is just temporary – and not in fact permanent – a sense of relief in knowing that there will be a better and happier time to look forward to will help keep you from dwelling in the negative thought. After you minimize the situation. . . 

. . . Bring yourself to action and follow through with it!

Idle hands are the devil’s workshop. By taking immediate action towards your goal, your focus changes from what you cannot do (or do not have) to “this is what I am doing now.” Taking action helps keep you motivated because you are doing something to chip away at your overall goal. Just starting a task (writing a blog post, getting to the gym, etc.) is not enough. Once you arrive at the task – follow through with it. For example, don’t write half a blog post and not finish it (*raises hand*) because you will not get the same satisfaction of knowing that you accomplished something meaningful. Attempting is never the same as finishing. Be a finisher. Just knowing that you can do something once you set your mind to it – no matter how small- will make you feel that much more able to tackle your goals! Strive for completion, not perfection. Lastly, 

Believe “as if” 

When I need to create and sustain motivation – I force myself to believe “as if” . . . “If I was the type of person who was really healthy and fit” – “If I was the person who wrote amazing blog posts” – “If my YouTube channel had 1,000 subscribers that wanted to hear what I had to say” etc. 

By saying those “If” statements out loud, I can then create the action that would follow the statement and then apply it to my life. 

If I was the type of person who was really healthy and fitI would make the gym and clean eating a priority

If I was the person who wrote amazing blog posts – I would practice writing them every day.  

If I was the person who had 1,000 subscribers on YouTube – I would make my videos really informative and helpful. 

Once you know what the action is that you need to take – chipping away at your goal becomes that much easier and in turn, your belief turns into fuel for motivation. 

How do you stay motivated during times of doubt? Share your experiences below!


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