It’s a Date: Cutting the Price Tag Off of Romance

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A lot of pressure comes behind the concept of a “date”. Who initiates? Where will you go? Who will pay? What should you wear? What shouldn’t you wear? And inevitably, this goes on until you’ve overanalyzed yourself into a confused puddle of hairspray on your bathroom floor. But at that point, what happened to the whole “fun” part?

Whether it’s your first date or you’re not even calling them “dates” anymore, they’re important. But not in the way that many people define them.

In asking any random passerby what a “date” means to them, I’m sure their response would describe some variation of “dinner and a movie.” But why is it that we think this way? Why is this how we define an “official” or “real” date? For that matter, how did we get to a place of labels, definitions, what’s “official” and what’s “real” to begin with?

Okay. Rant somewhat over.

That being said, the point I’m trying to make here isn’t too foreign of an idea…regardless of who asked who, what you’re wearing, or how much you’re spending, one thing is for sure: they chose to spend time with you, and you chose to spend time with them.

And when you cut the price tag off the time you spend together, then and only then will “date night” become truly valuable.

Cut off the price tag with these new and improved “real” dates…

Stay in and make dinner…

Don’t get me wrong, eating out can be fun and romantic and delicious. I’m a big fan. However, it’s not the only way to go on a date, especially if you already have the first few out of the way. Here’s why:

1.) Dinner at home can unload the pressure that sometimes comes with going out. (Your kitchen, your dress code folks.)

2.) Making a meal together facilitates a “teamwork” environment. (Who knew passing the spatula could be so sexy?)

3.) Finding a recipe encourages trying something new together.  (Today paella, tomorrow power-couple status.)

A photo by Gabriel Gurrola.

Get out and explore…

There’s so much more territory to cover outside restaurants, movie theaters and coffee shops. (As great as those may be.) Getting outside and exploring, whether you’re taking a leisurely lakeside stroll or climbing a mountain, makes an excellent date. Here’s why:

1.) Having an adventure together introduces a new level of excitement and unpredictability. (Nothing amps up the thrill factor quite like the cardio event of a lifetime!)

2.) You’re unplugged. No service, no temptation. (Disconnect from technology and reconnect with each other! Awww.)

3.) Higher intensity activities give you the opportunity to motivate each other and set goals together. (Go team!)


Everyday “Dates”…

And after however many dates of fine-tuning your expertise, you’ll eventually see the “date” in simply spending time together, whatever you’re doing and wherever you are.

(#Goals, am I right??)

How do you bring value to time spent with your significant other?

Written by Claire Cavanaugh





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