Discovering New England with Maven

Hey everybody! I hope you are as excited for Columbus Day weekend as I am! There are a ton of great sales going on, and it is the perfect time of year to get out and enjoy the fall season. If you read my post on what to do this fall, then you know that Marc and I love to create lists of things to do for each season. One of the things on our Fall List was to go apple picking! There aren’t a lot of great orchards around the city, so we wanted to go somewhere a little farther out. Instead of taking my car (which, for those of you who have driven in Midnight know that my car is as old as I am…) we decided to use Maven, a new car sharing service, to schedule our drive out to Smolack Farms for the day.


We located the car in Boston using the app on my phone, got in, and drove off. It was really cool using my phone as a key, although it took a little getting used to. The drive there was very scenic which was exactly what we were hoping for! It was also really nice getting to drive a brand new car. The tank was full when I got in (gas is on Maven – they give you a company card to buy the gas with) and I was able to program in all of my preferences via Bluetooth on my phone (yes, that means Marc and I jammed out to oldies the whole way there lol!)


Smolak Farms was adorable! They had apple picking, pick your own raspberries, and some of the best sugared donuts I’ve ever had (you have to get there early for the apple cider donuts because – as we found out – they sell out very quickly!)




Marc and I had never been apple picking at Smolak Farms and it was fun discovering this new spot together. There were a ton of different varieties of apple to pick from and we found a new type of apple that we had never heard of (is anybody familiar with Macoun? They’re really good)




The pumpkin patch looked really cool too. We’re planning on going again next week at some point and picking up a few pumpkins before Halloween!



(It is going to be really difficult going back to driving Midnight after getting to use this 2016 Cadillac ATS for the day.)




Marc discovered a new way of carrying our basket of apples 🙂


We had so many apples the basket started to break a little bit! We’re going to have enough apples to make pies for a week!


We didn’t get to check out the farm there, but there was plenty of wildlife to make up for it! Believe it or not this bird was MASSIVE.






(You can check out my apple picking outfit details here.)



We had so much fun getting a chance to check apple picking off of our fall list and using MAVEN to discover Smolak Farms! It was the perfect way to spend a little time together and get out of the city for an afternoon and it was even better not having to worry about my car getting us there! (Seriously ‘Midnight’ is 22 years old. . . yikes!). If you are taking a day trip or if you live in the city and don’t have access to a reliable vehicle, I highly recommend Maven. Its simple to use, easy to navigate and the car models they have to choose from are really nice 🙂 This Columbus day, MAVEN invites you to explore and discover something new in and around Boston. When you make your first MAVEN reservation, use the promo code COLUMBUS15 for a 15% discount!*  What are you doing this Columbus Day Weekend??

This post was brought to you by MAVEN * Offer expires 10.11.16. Not valid with any other offer. Minimum $1 per reservation. 



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