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The most important parts to any relationship are the elements of trust and respect. When I sat down to create The Rachel Review , my team and I determined that the most important thing we could do to respect our audience and gain their trust was to place our names, reputations, and goodwill on the line in determining the type of content that is featured on this website.

The content featured is selected by me, Rachel Walker, directly, without third party influence, and is deemed as be something that I genuinely see as being fit for the wellbeing of not only the readership, but myself as well. I set out to create a website and online brand that I could envision every user being a part of and benefitting from without the influence of advertisements, outside endorsements, and hidden agendas.

When I recommend a product, book, business, interviewee, service, restaurant, or any other influential form of content, it is because I find that it aligns with the Rachel Review vision and mission statement. In the event that I gain profit through my recommendations, it is because I have deemed that endorsement as being wholesome and fit for the overall brand and that it has been reviewed and upheld to the Rachel Review Quality Standard guidelines.

In creating and publishing through the Rachel Review it is my responsibility to provide meaningful content that aids you, my readers, in bettering your life through fitness, fashion, and finance. If I find that a brand, business, or product that we have reviewed has fallen from its alignment with the Rachel Review Quality Standards, profits or not, I pledge to pull that content from the website immediately.

It is my hope that each and every one of my readers is able to enrich their lives in some way through the use this website and other Rachel Review media outlets and that I have done my part in discovering and testing new content that is both informative and entertaining for my audience. I respect your rights to quality and I thank you for your trust in the Rachel Review mission!



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