JORD: The Perfect Gift for Your Man

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  • Rachel Walker
  • May 9, 2017

I’m not really into the whole Apple Watch trend (yet- it’ll probably grow on me) but my boyfriend Marc is obsessed with his and I’ve been trying to get him to change it up and start wearing a new watch since he bought it (I’m not a crazy fan of wearable technology) so I was very excited when he (finally) took it off and started wearing the JORD watch that I got for him! (JORD- 1, Apple – 0) I was a little hesitant at first when JORD reached out to me to partner on this post because I know how much of a watch  aficionado Marc is and I knew he’d be very suspicious of a watch made of wood. 

women's watch mens watch unique watch cool watch wood watch

Thankfully, however, he was into it from the very start! We were trying to decide on a watch we liked and he immediately noticed that JORD offered a chronograph style (pictured here) he mentioned that “You don’t see a lot of reasonably priced Watch makers making chronographs that work reasonably well” so needless to say, he was very interested in what JORD had to offer. 

womens watch mens watch cool watch unique watch wooden watch

After placing our order, the package came on the doorstep within three days and the moment of truth was upon us: what would Marc, my watch aficionado boyfriend, have to say about this chronograph? We opened the package and were very impressed by the detailing and quality of just the wooden box the watch rests in alone! The box  is built like a humidifier to keep the wooden watch at the perfect humidity to preserve its quality and wear. Marc turned to me and smiled. We knew we would like what was to come next. 

womens watch mens watch cool watch unique watch wooden watch

women's watch mens watch cool watch unique watch wooden watch

He opened the box and like a kid on Christmas, his eyes fell upon this new chronograph in awe. Right then I knew the days of the Apple Watch were gone. He loved and still loves his JORD watch and I’m so glad we were able to discover it and order one! I really love the face of this watch and I love how classy and sophisticated it looks on him! If you ladies are ever in need of getting a great gift for your man, look no further JORD watches are where its at! 

cool watch womens watch mens watch unique watch wooden watch

Buying a watch as a gift for somebody is difficult alone, especially if the person you are buying the watch for knows what he’s talking about! JORD takes away that difficulty because of the quality, performance, and uniqueness of the design! A wooden watch is a classic staple that all men should own, and JORD is the leader in producing these sophisticated styles. You can shop my pick for Marc’s watch here, shop their beautiful selection of women’s watches here, or just browse around and check out the brand here

But wait! There’s more! . . . 

I am hosting a giveaway in collaboration with JORD for you to have the chance to win one of their amazing watches (!!!) Click here to enter the contest and make sure to follow JORD on Instagram to increase your chances of winning! 

The giveaway will close May 21, 2017 at 11:59pm. Both the $100 and the $25 codes will expire on July 31, 2017.

Ladies, this is the perfect opportunity for you to get a great gift for you man (or yourself!) also, with Father’s Day coming up this June, JORD is certainly something to keep on your gift-radar! 

(Xo, R)




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