I just took the Willing Beauty HY +5 Challenge and THIS is What Happened

Good morning and happy Wednesday for today’s post, I wanted to talk a little bit about Willing Beauty. Normally, for my skincare routine, I try and always do the bare minimum. With my schedule being all over the place (as much as I try to stick to a routine) it’s sad to say that having a proper skincare routine is just not something that I’ve really focused my time on.

That all being said, I was very happy when Willing Beauty reached out to me and let me try their HY +5 skincare line. The HY +5 line comes complete with everything you need for good skincare (preventing wrinkles, acne, and locking in moisture) and the entire kit is styled in an adorable blue color (I’m a sucker for good packaging). I decided to take them up on doing the HY +5 challenge and vlogged about my experiences to show you guys the real results (disclaimer: the video below is going to show you some scary early-morning wakeup footage so there’s your warning!)

The products included in the HY +5 Challenge are the DO-OVER Nourishing Cleanser, DAYDREAM Illuminating Day Moisturizer, GET SET SPF 30 Tinted Primer (my favorite product overall), PARTNER IN TIME Age Defying Night Serum (my second favorite product to use!) and finally the SLEEPOVER Anti-aging Night Cream. 

I really enjoyed the ease of having all the products I need for good skin right in front of me and all in one brand. After doing the HY +5 Challenge, I found that it was easy to keep going with a day and night skincare routine (my skincare has now turned into a habit and my mind sort of goes on auto-pilot with it now which is great for late nights followed by early mornings) and the fact that I used three products in the daytime and three products in the nighttime made the entire experience easier to follow. Simplicity, my friends, is key. Here are my thoughts on each of the products:

The DO-OVER Nourishing Cleanser is soft and a tad rubbery to the feel, which I was not crazy about at first but it has since grown on me. Overall, it takes off residual makeup (I use Neutrogena Makeup Removing Wipes first) very well and leaves my skin feeling cleaner than before.

The DAYDREAM Illuminating Day Moisturizer is very cool. Normally, I don’t use any moisturizer (gasp! I know) because my skin is very temperamental and doesn’t like to have too much on it for the daytime, but I found that I can use Willing Beauty just fine.

The GET SET SPF 30 Tinted Primer is by far my favorite product! It goes on smooth, blends in nicely, and is a great precursor to wearing makeup. The bonus? Added sun protection!

The PARTNER IN TIME Age Defying Night Serum is my second favorite product because of the look, application and feel. The serum is very cooling and I find that my face feels relaxed after using it!

Lastly, the SLEEPOVER Anti-aging Night Cream is a little hard to get used to because of its thickness, but if used sparingly (and especially on the neck) it goes on just as smoothly as the other products in the HY +5 Challenge line. I like to actually use it on my hands (wrinkle prevention people!)

Below is my VLOG review of the challenge! Let me know what you guys think! Xo, R  (Willing Beauty Hy +5 Challenge Kit c/o Willing Beauty, all thoughts and expressed opinions stated are as always, my own)



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