Life Lately No. 12

Have you ever lost motivation and had to find some way to kick it back into gear and get going? (Insert emoji with hand raised up) Well, thats me this afternoon and I don’t quite like the feeling. How I get out of it? By keeping on keeping on and not quitting. Sometimes, I fall into the trap of stopping myself from being successful before I even get started. Quitting before I’ve even given it a try. Have you ever felt like this sometimes? Anyways, I wanted to share a mini-epihany (?) that I had the other day while I was running with Marc. We were in the forest, running one of our usual trails and I felt really fatigued. It has been a while since I had run as far as we were planning and I really did not feel as though I had the strength in me to keep going. Then the thought came to me, “Mind over Matter” and I made the decision to keep going. I didn’t focus on the end goal which was the feeling of finally being finished with running for the day, no. I just kept thinking of running in the moment. I am running now and I am going to just keep running. I envisioned myself completing the run just as far as my eyes could see and then once I got to that point; I kept on going doing the same thing until voila! Our run was complete. 

Sometimes the hardest things in life are getting started and keeping on keeping on, but you know what? Just those two acts are the biggest factors in determining success. In other news (wait for it) I am OFFICIALLY working full time on the blog! I have made the decision to keep on keeping on and continuing with what I’ve started. I’m really excited to be able to focus completely on The Rachel Review and provide you guys with all the best in quality content, lifestyle tips, and more. Woohoo!!

ALSO with that big announcement, I wanted to keep you all posted on what to expect next on The Rachel Review: 

YouTube – More review videos of my favorite (HANDBAGS) and fashion tips along with interviews (two getting published in the next week) and more review videos of spas / salons / Boston hotspots. Also the reason why I’ve been so ABSENT on my insta-stories! You guys won’t be disappointed!

Northshore Magazine – I’ll be doing videos for Northshore TV in conjunction with the Rachel Review bringing you the best in Boston for this summer! 

Blogger Collabs – I’m sitting down with Paris, Meet Boston this month to answer your most asked questions about nailing that effortless Parisian Style! 

Ok lovelies thats all for now! For all my Boston babes, make sure to stay cool during this crazy heat wave! Xo – R


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