Life Lately: Volume No. 4

I hope all of you reading this are having a fabulous and wonderful Friday afternoon!!! I find it so fitting that tomorrow is April fools day and it is snowing here in New England. Well played, Mother Nature, well played. Anyways, what’s not funny about April fools day is that I have been SICK AS A DOG this weekend and there is nothing more frustrating than wanting (and needing) to be productive and motivated for a fully-loaded work week and being stuck with a miserable cold. I’m trying to be as real and as honest as possible with you guys on here and I’ll tell you one thing: nobody likes having or reading about a cold. So, moving on!

Highlights from this week included getting a mini-shoot in on Monday with one of my photographers, checking out THE HOTTEST speakeasy in Boston (more details to follow), getting to wine and dine at Northshore Magazine’s Grand Tasting, and discovering that today is actually #NationalStripesDay according to the people at JCrew!


Yvonne’s – Literally the coolest (possibly the only?) speakeasy bar/nightclub/restaurant place I have been to in Boston. Marc and I met up with some of our friends there for some drinks and I was seriously impressed by the atmosphere. We went on a Wednesday night and reservations were booked out for the next two weeks, so make sure to plan early before you check it out! We ended up snagging a table by the bar and managed to dodge the walk-ins-waiting-list (which was two hours out by the way) so it was meant to be! I’d give the food and atmosphere a A+ and their Rose Thorn cocktail might just be my favorite cocktail, ever.

Northshore Magazine’s Grand Tasting – Last night we headed up towards Salisbury for the Grand Tasting and I was really impressed by the turnout – half of the Northshore probably attended the event! Live music, great food, samples like you wouldn’t believe and some amazing goodies like passion fruit cotton candy! (See my insta-story within the next 2-3 hours and you’ll see what I’m talking about!) I’ve gone to wine tastings and food-related events, but the grand tasting surpassed my expectations (which I always set high – not always a good thing!) so I was pretty excited to be there. The only thing I’d change is that next year, I’ll be buying the VIP tickets #WorthIt

Umka Cold Care – Again, keeping it real here, I know that nobody likes bringing up colds but we all get them and I couldn’t have made it through this week without Umka Cold Care. These little drink mixes are homeopathic (which translates into you can take them 3-4x a day and not be out of your mind – unlike other over-the-counter cold remedies) and lemon flavored. Even if its not actually cutting my cold in half (like the label claims) I just feel like taking them is making me better, so be it! I am all about the placebo theory anyways as long as my mind is distracted from being sick.

#NationalStripeDay –  JCrew decided to make an unofficial holiday and all of the blogging / fashion community is on-board and rolling with it (as am I, obviously). Naturally, I’ve selected some gorgeous striped pieces from none other, JCrew for you all to shop (see the bottom of this page!) Xo

Palm Beach, A Love Story – After our last trip down to Palm Beach (and this impending snow storm that is upon us in New England) Marc and I have been talking seriously about spending more time down in Florida. We love New England, but (there’s always a but), with both of our jobs being flexible / online we might consider making the snow-bird move about 40 years ahead of schedule. I’m filing it under post-grad / post-full time blog plans but make no mistake, you will be seeing more Palm trees on the blog in the near future!

#WineWednesday – Speaking of upcoming changes to the blog, I will be adding a #WineWednesday video series for all of you #CorkDorks out there (myself included). It wasn’t until I started working with wine two years ago that I started enjoying and understanding the world of wine and I’d really love to share my finds and thoughts on different brands and varietals with you all! Get excited!


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Coming Up – April Want List, Spring Dresses, Wine Wednesday, Easter Fashion and more Life Lately!



Image 1 – Borrowed from Yvonne’s Official Website

Image 2 – Luxury Suite at the Breakers (another reason why I love Palm Beach)





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