Life Lately No. 8

Happy Friday everybody! 

This past week finally had me feeling like springtime! (Wait. . . did it?) Thats right, Monday was absolutely wonderful and amazing out and Marc and I did a bunch of birthday-related things (basically whatever I could think of doing) and we checkout the mall, played a little lacrosse and went out for a bite to eat. I cannot get over how amazing the weather was on Monday, especially compared to the disaster that hit us on Tuesday and Wednesday! Today was gorgeous and I finally got back to running trails in the Fells today! My toe shoes are completely worn out though. Looks like I’ll be needing to get a new pair asap! 

Last night we went out with another couple to Kings in Boston. I had never been to this particular bowling alley before but the experience was certainly a good one! If you’re in the Boston area and are looking for something fun to do with friends, I’d definitely recommend it. 


(1) Sydney Rae Bass – PREGGO! I know, I am such a blogger / influencer / celebrity stalker with this one but seriously, how cute was this photo from her instagram yesterday? I’m obsessed. Congrats to the happy couple (that I only know from online. . . well whatever) 

(2) FOHR Card – For my fellow blogger friends – have you checked out FOHR Card? The platform is a great way to promote yourself to brands and get collaborations. My favorite part? The PressKit that automatically gets generated from logging on. My least favorite part? Founder, James Nord called me a #groupie on Damsel in Dior’s Snapchat in front of her 396k following at an event in Boston. Its ok, I’ve gotten some good press through FOHR Card so I guess I can let it slide this time. 

(3) Holographic Everything – Seriously, I know I’m not the only one that’s caught onto the holographic /iridescent trend. You see it everywhere! Makeup, clothing (in the case of Burberry’s new spring line), even Starbucks drinks. What do you guys think? Yay or nay? 

(4) Stuck in my Head –  (song) Issues by Julia Michaels. I can’t get enough of this song (and also a bunch of good tunes that I’ve been listening to on satellite radio – aka 70’s on 7!)

(5) Pretty Pink Stripes – How adorable is this French striped shirt from JCrew? Definitely going in my shopping cart!


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Thats it for now darlings! Xo, R




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