Life Lately No. 9

Hey everybody! Its been a minute since I’ve posted anything and I do apologize! I’m sitting at the airport right now waiting to catch a flight to Palm Beach (thank God because the weather here in Boston is rainy and miserable!) and the woman sitting directly next to me smells like a thousand mothballs* Her handbag is really nice though so I’ll let it slide (orange leather – always a favorite of mine) 

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This past week felt like the trials and tribulations of #Adulting. Apparently, there are certain milestones that you must reach between the ages of 25-30 to be considered an adult thats maturing on par with the rest of society such as getting married, starting a family, etc. Surprise surprise we millennials are falling WAY short of the markers (I’m not really surprised) 

That being said, your brain’s pre-frontal cortex doesn’t fully develop until you are 25 so I’ve got two years to get my act together. Phew! 

Enough about that rant, let’s talk about something good.


If you follow along with me on instagram, you’ll know I’m a wee bit. . . open. . . on my insta-stories. I’m always chatting one-on-one with insta-stories so check it out. Big rant last night about why I’m not the biggest fan of this trend bag. 


Has anybody ever been to Sunfest in Florida? Is it like Coachella? I just randomly got tickets to go so it looks like I’m going. I wouldn’t say I’m the biggest “festival” goer but I could change my mind. Who knows? 

(mid-typing this and there are WAY too many people at this airport right now. Remind me to always fly private. . .one day right?!) 


These sneakers are my new favorite sneakers ever. I know I said that about these shoes on instagram last week but for actual working out Allbirds are where its at! I don’t actually have a pair yet but my friend Bree from @Bree.well let me try hers and they are the softest (throw-in-the-wash) sneakers around!


Ok, so not live on air, but the next best thing! I just discovered this app called and I’m totally in love with it. The app lets you create your own radio station that you can broadcast live from complete with music, background effects and more! Each morning, I’ve been tuning on and recording some fashion and beauty hacks for you guys so make sure to search “The Rachel Review” on


Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, here are the next few outfits you’ll be seeing on the blog so stay tuned each morning! Xo, R 

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***As I was writing that, she looked over and noticed that (I swear she saw it) and walked away from me! Sorry lady!!! 

UPDATE: its 12:02 PM and we have still NOT left Boston yet. The plane broke down and now we are all waiting here after sitting in the plane for two hours. Yikes! JetBlue needs to get their act together come on! 



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