Life Lately: Volume 1

This week has been interesting to say the least! I’ve been running around trying to get my life in order attempting to balance going full time at work and going full time on the blog. (Yes, I know that sounds crazy.) I absolutely love what I do for work and this season, I’m hosting an enormous launch party for a greenhouse that my company is donating to the Massachusetts Horticultural Society (I’ll give you guys more details later if you’d like to attend). Its my first major responsibility with my new position so I’m a little nervous to see how it all plays out. Ideally, I’d love to start doing some events for The Rachel Review as well, so I’m glad to have the experience in planning the event this Spring. 

This week marks the first week of lent for Marc and I and we have been sticking with our goals for the 40 days ahead! This year, I’m giving up sleeping in late. It sounds silly, but its one of my worst habits and for an ambitious person, its really annoying to keep doing. I’ll keep you guys filled in on my progress! 🙂 

Two days ago, I shot for the first time with Nick Cosky on a series of outfit shots and I am IN LOVE with his work. I’m excited to share some of those outfits with you this coming week so stay tuned! For the shoot, I decided to get my makeup done at Sephora for the first time using their Custom Makeover experience. I was happy with my makeup, but my session went way longer than 45 minutes so keep that in mind if you decide to try it out. 


This weekend, Marc and I are going to be attempting to sneak in a few movies that we’ve been trying to watch all week (have any of you guys seen Dr. Strange? What was your reaction to it?) and get some Shark Tank in too. We both love that show and find that its both entertaining and informative. I’ll be doing a little shopping for my next photoshoot as well as packing for my trip next week, which brings me to. . . 


I’ll be heading to Palm Beach, FL next week to celebrate Marc’s mom’s birthday and get a little R & R. Honestly, if it wasn’t for my job and school up here, I’d consider moving down to Palm Beach. Its one of the nicest parts of Florida (in my opinion) and for a fashion blogger, its perfect! (Just ask my girl Stephanie from The Style Bungalow!) 


KATE SPADE: Nobody likes a boring desk top. I came across these cute desktop downloads while reading the Kate Spade blog. Check it out! 

BLUSH SHOES: I’m a sucker for shoes and even more so blush ones. My inbox this week led me to THIS list from DSW. . . its blush shoe heaven. 

BCBG: The rumors are true. BCBG is closing down its shops in an attempt to regain market position. The bad new? Those of you that shop at the BCBG at the Burlington Mall will no longer be able to. The good news? Everything is pretty much 50-70% off. 

DIOR DUPES : I’m not the best person when it comes to owning sunglasses ( I lose them ALL the time) so I never invest in a serious pair. However, these sunglasses are basically DIOR minus the price ($12) so I’m sold. 

Xo, Rachel <3 



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