Life Lately: Volume 2

palm beach

(Picture I snapped quickly today while visiting my grandparents for lunch – jeans are Burberry (last year), heels are Guess, and the tunic is Free People) Xo 

palm beach

(I love the storefront of Tiffany’s on Worth Ave – snapped this gem the other day, although it was a little too overcast for my liking!) 


I’m coming to you live from Palm Beach, Florida and I am SICK AS A DOG. Actually, I only have a light cold but still. This past week, I’ve been in Palm Beach basically just avoiding the cold up North. I’m definitely not looking forward to flying home on Sunday (Its time I start going full time with the blog, then I can work from anywhere. Gotta get on that! ) Palm Beach is quite possibly one of my favorite places EVER and this past week, I’ve gotten the chance to hang out at a couple of my favorite hot spots on Worth Ave and Downtown. In an ideal world, I would do all of my shopping on Worth Ave, but, I still have a ways to go before that becomes a thing *sigh* 

Anyways (speaking of shopping) I got the chance to check out Gucci at the Gardens Mall and I am IN LOVE with their new collection. Anybody looking to get me a sweet Gucci bag for my birthday this year, click here (Please and thank you!) 


After flying back to Boston (insert crying face emoji here), I’m going to kick-start my week with a few days of meetings with the owner of the company that I work for and figure out if I’m going to start working full time at the company officially or if I’m going to just keep working full time like I have been less the salary. Honestly, I don’t even know what I want at this point. Full time means less blogging and I am NOT about that, however, it means way more moolah and those Gucci bags are calling my name. . . to be continued! 

After all the work shenanigans, I’ll be doing a shoot with a new photographer in Beacon Hill come Wednesday and I’m praying that the snow will all be cleared up by then. . . 

Lastly, I’m looking to get cracking on another Rachel Review video for you guys so let the cold-calling begin! 


Lemon Stripes – I have to give credit where credit is due and let you guys in on where I came up with (read: copied) this series from. One of the blogs that I follow, Lemon Stripes does a Life Lately series and I love reading hers so much I decided to start one as well! Check hers out here

Beauty Pageants – Yes, I’m serious. I’ve been secretly thinking recently that I should go try out for a pageant. I’m feeling a need to put on a sparkly gown and be competitive. Not sure if this is a passing idea or a serious one.

Green & Clean – I’m making the switch towards going all-organic with my make-up products. I found this list on the Organic Bunny this week and I’m loving it! 


The Real Real – I am OBSESSED with this online consignment store. Their verification system and payment plan options make luxury clothes an everyday option.

Kate Spade Camels – The new novelty collection for Kate Spade has me dreaming of Dubai – check it out here.

Milly – A new brand for me, but I can tell you that I’m hooked after wearing this gorgeous red dress the other day.  

Diamond Hoops – I am on a serious lookout for some opulent diamond hoops. What do you guys think of this pair? Let a girl know your thoughts and comment below! 

Ok my darlings thats it for today. Off to go to lunch at my grandparents house and take pictures around Palm Beach-ola! Xo, Rachel 


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