Life Lately Volume No. 3

(My favorite picture from two weeks ago in Palm Beach! – Can I go back yet??) 

Happy Monday everybody! This week seems like its just going to be one of those weeks where they days seem to melt into each other. Do you ever have days like that? My trick is to occupy my thoughts be relishing in the details of the upcoming weekend. Anticipation can sometimes be a great remedy for a slow work week! 


Frills and Ruffles – Everybody keeps on telling me that we are approaching Spring (or that we are already in Spring for that matter) but I can’t seem to believe it with the cold weather! Perusing through the web and magazines has me lusting after all the ruffles coming out for Spring trends and I can’t get enough! This dress is exactly what I have in mind for Spring. 

Roses Roses Roses – Another trend I’ve noticed recently (stemming from my Gucci-hunting two weeks ago) has me noticing that Rose prints are back in action! Especially in dresses and denim. I’m completely on board with this trend. What do you think? 

Wine-ing and Dining – Northshore Magazine invited Marc and I to their 2017 Grand Tasting this Thursday and you bet I said yes to going! Speaking of wine, I have a partnership featuring one of my new favorite wine companies coming up, so for my fellow #CorkDorks out there, get excited! 

Puppies – I’ve got puppy fever ( is that a thing?) recently and I can’t get over this video of Coton de Tulear pups! (The breed of my family’s dog, Kodie) — You’re welcome. 

 100% Pure – This is hands down one of my favorite natural beauty brands. If you follow along on my instastories, you’ll know that I’ve been on the hunt for an organic face mask to try and voila! 100% has an offer this week only on their Ginseng Collagen Boost Mask! Check it out ladies and gents. 


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