Life Lately – Volume No. 5

This post started out as a “Good Morning and Happy Friday!” but for those of you who read this blog like its your job (I love you all dearly) you can clearly see that its already well into the afternoon on Saturday. . . I tried guys ok. 

This week has been pretty productive believe it or not! My lenten goal this year was to wake up earlier each morning and although I’ve been slacking on some days, the times that I do get up early seem to fuel into the new habit of me being an early-riser so I’m hoping I can keep this up long after lent is over! 

Yesterday, I went out for a little sister-date with my youngest sister Jessica and we got our nails done at this new (new as of last August, but still) salon in Winchester called Bisou Nail Bar. I love the whole clean, white, modern nail-salon look that keeps popping up. I’m usually not into modern styled anything really but I dig it for the nail salons oddly enough. #EndRant ***


Get Relaxed: I found this incredible INCREDIBLE tea at Wholefoods a couple weeks back and I’ve completely fallen in love with it. The brand is Republic of Tea and the “Get Relaxed” Tea in the lavender tin is to die for. Right when you open up the container, the scent of lavender and roses fills the air. Seriously, its amazing. 

INC Concepts: Browsing through Macy’s online this week I came across these gorgeous pink sparkly sneakers. Yes, I’m buying them. No, I don’t have a problem. 

Bye, Bloat Meal Plan: One of my fellow bloggers, Lauren Evarts from The Skinny Confidential, recently launched her “Bye, Bloat Meal Plan” along with workout routine. I’m starting the program this upcoming Monday to kickstart my energy and fitness goals and I couldn’t be more excited! I’ll be posting updates as they happen! 

Lemon Cleanse: Have you ever noticed that there seems to be a cult following around drinking lemon water? I happen to be one of those lemon water addicts (no shame) and this week I’ve been sipping on my morning warm (I repeat, warm, not boiling, not hot, warm) lemon water with a spoon of raw honey and a dash of cayenne pepper and I swear, it wakes me right up! Give it a try and let me know what you think! 

Rachel Parcell: The influencer behind Pink Peonies just post on instagram about a mystery Chanel bag she’s spent weeks being on waiting lists for and now I’m just dying to know what bag is this that even Rachel Parcell (with her 800k+ following) can’t get her hands on? Girlfriend, spill the beans I need to know! 

Mother of Pearl: Speaking of handbags, I’ve noticed the brand Mother of Pearl popping up here and there around social media lately so I decided to investigate. The results? Good. Very good. Checkout this build your own handbag design feature on the brand’s website!

OK ladies and gents thats it for today! XO R

** For those of you asking on my Insta-story, the color is Queen of Hearts by Gelish 

(**Also, isn’t this vintage phone adorable? Sometimes, as a blogger, you just need to keep a series of random photos of yourself on hand just in case you don’t have one to share. Keep that in mind. )


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