Michael Kors x Rebecca Minkoff

  • Fashion
  • Rachel Walker
  • March 26, 2017

Happy Monday everybody! I’m excited the share this look with you all because it is one of my favorites! The dress is a winter collection Michael Kors, although it works perfectly as a winter-to-spring transition because of the material and color! 

I’ve worn this dress almost everywhere! Events with family and friends, business meetings, out shopping, church, you name it! The best thing about this dress is the comfort and the way that it falls on you. Fit but not too tight. 

The crystal statement necklace is a piece I purchased from Bobbles and Lace a few months back while filming my Style Series with Danielle from A Chic Voyage. Its a great investment piece that brings a little “Wow” factor to a more plain look. 

The heels are Sam Edelman and they come in about ten billion colors (not kidding either) (ok so maybe like 15 colors) and they are the most comfortable heel I’ve worn to date. The black is a classic staple I invested in, but as you’ll see in my next few posts, I also have a pair of the hot pink ones which are great for adding in a little color to your look! 

The bag is a Rebecca Minkoff and I absolutely adore the pale blue color! Its bright enough to liven up most darker colored looks (like any navy / dark blue / black themed outfits) but its subdued so that the bag doesn’t overpower an outfit. I find it a great compliment to this outfit and it has a lot of pockets to help you stay organized! Aside from the bag, I also LOVE the fringe detailing on this dress and small brass buttons. 

(Update: It turns out the Perry Satchel doesn’t come in the baby blue color anymore! Also, the dress is out of stock so I linked a very similar Ralph Lauren dress instead!) 



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