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  • Rachel Walker
  • May 13, 2016


Money is always a very touchy subject. Why? Because while it is something that each one of us need to survive, it is also something tied to so much emotion because of the actions it can create in our lives. Money or a lack thereof effects our choices and our decisions. We give money power over us by our actions and our emotions towards it, although many do not see it in this way. Regardless of how we treat or feel about money, however, we still must pay attention to it because at the end of the day, money matters.

I want to mention this right off the bat because I have included a “finance” section for the blog. I’ve always had a passion for business and that passion had to come from somewhere, right? For me, it came from asking questions. I asked myself “Why do I want to go to college?” The answer? To get a degree. My next question was “Why do I want a degree?” The answer? To get a good job. After that I asked myself “Why do I want a good job?” The answer? “To make a lot of money.” Lastly, I asked myself, “Well Rachel, why do you want all this money?” and I had to stop and think. Why does money matter? I thought about all of my friends going to school, working to get good jobs, thinking that they must be in a similar position. I knew that a lot of people around me had a passion they needed to get their degree for. Some wanted to be doctors, to help people. Others, wanted to right some wrong or bring justice to some experience and they wanted to be lawyers because of it. I kept thinking back towards the question and I thought about what I would really want for my future. I had so many different interests that one degree path just didn’t seem to justify utilizing all of my passions and skills. I knew that I always wanted to do good for people, and to help others, but how? How could I pick one thing and just do it?

I thought about what I loved and what I have always had a history of being passionate about. Children came to mind and I thought about my life as a mother – a touchy subject in today’s world. I thought about my own mother and how she gave up her career working with Raytheon to stay at home and be there to raise my siblings and I . I thought about my own dream of having children someday and being a wife and mother. This brought all sorts of negativity into my mind. Not because I didn’t want that or that I don’t want that (because I do), but because money came back into play. How could I put years and years of hard work into school, getting a degree, building a career, and then knowing that I would choose to prioritize my family first and give up my career and still justify the choice to push forward with the career? What a confusing mess! Why couldn’t I just find out a way to do both? That was when the money question came back into play. I reflected on how my grandparents were able to help pay for my schooling based on their real estate investments. I reflected on some stock options that my grandmother had taught me about when I was younger. I realized that there IS a way to do both, and to do both well. The first step? Learning about how to make money work for me.

I’m a woman that likes concrete things and tangible assets. I knew that I did not know much about money. My past experiences were not as successful financially and I still believed that just going to work, collecting a paycheck, and saving all my money would be the route to financial freedom. However, all that aside, I was still aware that there was more to learn about finance. What is investing anyways? As I started to question my knowledge and learn about other options, I began to read about other people in my position. Actually, I came to find out that thousands and thousands of people had come to the same realizations that I had. It seemed as though every single finance book I picked up had touched upon these subjects. I was dumbfounded. Sitting at the library, reading about other people’s experiences and learning from their mistakes I realized that I had all the answers in front of me.

The only problem was settling down and picking one avenue. My quest to understanding finance turned into a passion for understanding business and soon before long, I was overwhelmed with different ideas and projects that I was working on. Today, I still have a journal where I keep all of my business ideas – something to perhaps be revisited one day in the future. . . but also, the journal keeps me focused and not sidetracked from what I have to do. (To anybody who has an active mind like me, I highly recommend doing the same!)

On that note, let me get to the point. I included the ‘Finance’ section of this blog not to boast about my own financial knowledge or to make it seem like I have all of my finances in order (believe me, there is still MUCH work to be done) rather, to reach out to the people that have conquered a firm understanding in finance and to use my findings and interviews to help my readers. I don’t know everything, and I certainly won’t pretend to either. What I do know, is that just by reaching out and discussing finance with the masters of it, I will learn more and so will you. We’ll do this together. I might not have all the answers, but I do know how to ask the right questions and that is the first step!

What are some things you are looking to learn about financially? Write in the comments below!

Xo R

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