Mothers Day Gift Guide 2016

  • Fashion
  • Rachel Walker
  • May 7, 2016

So, for those of you who know my mother, she’s the OG fashionista. Olga has always been on-point with her wardrobe/accessories and naturally, I’ve picked up a thing or two from her. That being said, she is probably the PICKIEST woman on the planet and also the hardest mother to shop for (I’m convinced). So, if you have an awesome (but selective) mother like I do, these items are sure to be a hit for any Mom out there. Included is a selection of Home Gifts, Beauty Must-Haves, and Other Fabulous Finds that not only work for Mothers Day but birthdays and other Mom-spoiling occasions


In the selection above, click the photo to shop the item. I picked each of these beauty products with a greater ideal in mind. I like beauty just like any other girl, but recently, I’ve started to make the switch to mostly organic products. Blogs such as The Organic Bunny have taught me that what we put on our skin has a lasting impact on our overall health. I used to think organic products or “clean” beauty couldn’t hold up as well as the non-organic competitors but after testing products like the 100% Pure Grapefruit shower gel or the Acure Organic Argan Oil – I’m thoroughly convinced that going organic is the way to go! Treat your mother to the same standard of quality with some of these must-have beauty finds!


If there is one thing that I have learned from my mother about gift giving, its always to get somebody something that they need or something that they can use. Home gifts fit both of those categories. Above, the selection of gifts includes personalized wine and coffee mugs, decadent marble cheese boards (for hosting lavish Wine Wednesdays!), a key tray (I first saw how gorgeous a good key tray was when my boyfriend, Marc, pointed it out to me at the Hermés store on Worth Ave in Palm Beach. If its good enough for Hermés, its good enough for me! Key trays have now since become my new favorite thing),  as well as a picture frame (because what mother doesn’t want a nice photo of her children?!, luxury coffee/tea makers, and an organic candle with the most beautiful scent! (Truth be told, I might be shopping for myself here actually. . . whoops)


I love a nice blush pink accessory paired with a gorgeous silk scarf. Its a quick way to jazz up any outfit and the perfect gift for a picky mom! One of my favorite ways to give gifts to people is to really ‘WOW’ them with the presentation. For the above selection, the tote bag can be spruced it up by filling it like a gift basket. For example, I start by placing some styrofoam at the bottom of the tote and then putting the agenda/journal/notebook standing on top of it (sticking out a little), tie the scarf around the handle, put the cosmetic case to the right or left of the journal and add the creamy organic lipstick inside as a hidden surprise! Wrap it up with some cellophane and presto! Awesome awesome mother’s day gift! The gift basket method works every time, I’m telling you.


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