Mustard Yellow Dress

  • Fashion
  • Rachel Walker
  • November 16, 2016

I’m a bit of a serious style stocker (its my job, ok?) and one of my favorite things to do is to hunt down different trends in different cities. Aside from checking on Paris, New York, and LA, I also like to keep tabs on what’s trending locally (Why? Because I want the best for you guys! Thats why!). I was surprised to find out that the of the biggest fashion search terms in Boston this year are ‘Mustard Yellow’ and Dress! So I decided to hunt down the perfect Mustard-yellow dress for you guys! I love love love how feminine and pretty¬†this look is!








This is a color I’m not really big on (probably because I’m a pale brunette) but the deep, rich tones of mustard yellow make it the best yellow for brunettes (among other hair colors) and I thought I’d give it a shot! I love the way this ASOS dress falls right over my body, without being too clingy or tight. The pleats give the dress a very feminine feel while the plain design of the top of the dress is great to pair with a statement necklace (old, this statement necklace is gorgeous though!)

When you have a large amount¬†of one color on and a dress that isn’t all that form-fitting, its nice to add some contrasting color to break up all of the same look and give people’s eyes a break. Remember, the focal point of my outfit is me, not necessarily my dress in this look! I paired the outfit with one of my favorite wool cardigans from Benneton (old, similar here) and a black belt. Lastly, these boots are probably my favorite pair of boots and I’ve had them for years (although I have my eyes set on these new pair here).


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