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  • Rachel Walker
  • September 29, 2016

Don’t you love those moments when you a get a surprise that a.) Actually excites you and b.) Is a gift that you’ll use and love? Thats exactly what happened to me when¬†POPSUGAR sent me this Must Have Box to try.


I’ll be honest with you, it was a complete surprise. I was in the kitchen talking to my mom while we were making lunch and I took a break to go outside to get the mail and my POPSUGAR #MustHaveBox was sitting, in its beautiful hot pink glory, on my front steps!!!

It was like mini-Christmas in September. Next thing you know, I’m screaming about how this mystery box came in the mail (really, I’m not kidding my Mom was like, “Rachel – calm down. Its a box.”) and what was even better than just getting my box was the surprises for the month of September that I found inside of it!

I really like the concept behind the Must-Have Box. Its curated items that you MUST have. Plain and Simple. Not to mention, this month had some real goodies! All of the items in the box were full sized, which is something that you’d want to look for in subscription-style boxes (where the norm tends to be trial-sized. . . who wants to pay for samples?!) and completely relevant to my life as a 22 year old style blogger (aka a woman that loves great finds, good quality treats, and accessories!)

The themes for this month’s curated samples are Glamorous, Eye-Catching, Indulgent, Bold, Timeless, and Sartorial. What was inside might you ask?

(1) JACK & LUCY – Bicoastal Wide Brim Hat – It has a great fit, is adjustable, and came just in time for fall fashion! I’ll be showcasing the hat on my next style post (but here’s a sneak preview for now) :hat-sneak-preview

(2)NCLA – Mani ER Tool Kit – Honestly, this was shockingly so very needed. I just threw out my curved nail scissors and then boom! Must-Have Box comes in and saves the day.


(3)BRIOGEO – Don’t Despair, Repair! Deep Conditioning Mask – Honestly, I have not tried it yet. However, this is about as FULL sized as it gets. I’m impressed by how much mask was included (which is great because I have long hair and will need it!)


(4) FLINT – Lint Roller – Sleek, platinum, retractable. Need I say more?


(5) SMITH & CULT – Lip Lacquer in The Warning – BEST Red Gloss I’ve had in years. Not too glossy, just sheen enough with a great pigment for the red. It also smells really good.


(6) THE GLUTEN FREE BITES – Dark Chocolate Coconut Bites. I had a real problem with these actually. I liked them so much that I almost ate the whole bag over the course of the day, and when it came time to take this picture, I didn’t have enough to showcase them! One word – delicious.


I’m looking forward to ordering a subscription for my sister, Rebeka, who is currently away at college¬†in Florida as a surprise*. I think it’ll make a great gift and I know she’d really love it too! (But honestly who wouldn’t?)

If you guys want to order your own #MustHaveBox, you can get one by clicking here , and lastly, for being one of my readers, you can use the code SHOP5 to get $5 off your first box!

(*Unless she is reading this right now, in which case, she knows its coming . . . you’re welcome sis!)


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