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  • Rachel Walker
  • May 3, 2016

I’m the type of person who has always been excited by big ideas and big thinking in general. It has only been recently, however, that I have learned that big thinking must be accompanied by big habits and big actions to make things happen! Part of the reason why I mention this is because I know that I have fallen into the habit of only thinking big, and not acting big! Including my style preferences. I have always loved getting dressed up, being dolled-up and walking into any room wearing something outrageous and/or eye-catching. However, recently, I’ve been letting my style slip into a very casual and monotonous routine. Instead of realizing it, I just say to myself “well that’s OK. You know that you have big taste and a great sense of style, and besides, you know how to dress to attract the lifestyle that you want, so really its OK to keep pushing it off” – Call me crazy, but this is exactly what goes on in my head! Its just a big excuse really. Now, style and fashion sense might not be an earth-shattering problem that needs to be addressed, but that kind of thinking could lead to pushing off other things or using my “big thoughts” as a way t0 sidestep taking “big actions”

So how do I address this? I start taking action! I faced my style procrastination (and other procrastinations) and made a plan. Step one of that plan : Write out the big thoughts and break them down into  smaller tasks and bit by bit address each task. How does this play out? Well, first I needed to envision my style muses, pin some looks of theirs on Pinterest (which, by the way, is AMAZING for planning things if you didn’t know already) and assess what parts of their wardrobe I could start to piece together in my own.

This process, starting with style, helped me address other problems that were unrelated to style but were very related to my approach on creating big habits to tackle my goals. Now, aside from all of that, here are my style role models:

Ralph Lauren – Not so much as in the man himself, rather, Ralph’s entire collection speaks towards what I would LOVE to dress like everyday. The quality of his materials, the detail in the stitching, the styles and fitting of almost any single one of his pieces just screams ‘investment’ or ‘statement’ piece to me. Not to mention, Ralph embodies a timeless style and promotes an elegant look- something that enhances you as a person rather than draws too much attention to the piece. You have to ask yourself, ” What am I trying to draw attention to?” “What are my clothes saying about me?” For me, anything Ralph Lauren is considered a must have classic wardrobe staple.

1) Classic Ralph Lauren Style Cable-Knit Sweater

1) Classic Ralph Lauren Style Cable-Knit Sweater

Kate Middleton – Aside from being the Duchess of York, Kate Middleton’s role as a style influencer gives me hope for the future of fashion. I have always loved the polished look that Kate portrays, especially her taste in power dresses. What is a power dress? Its my term for a well-fitted, high quality dress, that screams “I am a lady and yes, I am in charge” – a similar look to what I am talking about would be Robin Wright’s character, Claire Underwood on the Netflix series, House of Cards.

2.) Kate Middleton

2.) Kate Middleton

Jacey Duprie of Damsel In Dior – I had the pleasure of meeting Jacey at an event for Rachel Zoe at St. John’s on Rodeo Drive at an event two years ago and that was when I first started following her style blog. If there is one thing that Jacey does well, its statement pieces and style essentials. I’m a real accessories kind of gal and sometimes, I would rather my cocktail ring or handbag stand apart from my outfit and this is where I really appreciate Jacey’s minimalist sense of style (although I do like wearing less-minimalist styles more often than not)


3.) Jacey Duprie of Damsel In Dior


Aside from people / brands as style muses, there are a few other style aspects that seem to always be my go-to’s, including:

Yachting Attire – Now, I know that this isn’t necessarily a style “muse” but I’ve very recently fallen in love with yachts (more on that whole big thinking thing — that, and my boyfriend has a real passion for them too. . . ) and the sense of classy and nautical style that goes along with them. Navy, lots of 3/4 sleeves, gold, incorporating rope, silk scarves, big shades, bright whites, fresh-feeling linens . . . yes! yes! yes! I love it.

4.) Yachting Attire & Cable Knit Cowl-Neck sweater!

4.) Yachting Attire & Cable Knit Cowl-Neck sweater!

Beige & Black – The first time I was made aware of the power combo of beige and black was when my father was reupholstering his Mazda Miata. The contrast between the shades just reminded me of a decadent coffee drink like a macchiato or café au lait or something. I was hooked ever since. I really can’t even explain why this combo is amazing, I’m telling you, it just IS.

cowl neck
Big, Bold, and In-Your-Face : Tall black boots, extremely intricate heels, big diamond earrings, bangles, cocktail rings, big handbags, fur coats, you name it. To accompany my very conservative style muses I always like to throw in one “wow-factor” piece. I find that it is a good balance to have a well-fitted “power dress” accompanied by some rock star heels or big jewelry (except necklaces. . . for some reason, big necklaces are a no-no for me). . . the fine line is just keeping the statement pieces in balance with the rest of the outfit and always just ONE (or two totally depending on the circumstances, but keeping within good taste)
Cream Knitted Sweaters: Ok, so this might be an obsession actually. For some reason, the look and feel of wearing a cream knitted sweater can just pull together any outfit for me. ESPECIALLY if the sweater has cable stitches and a cowl neck (I probably have 10 of these). They can be dressed up, dressed down, worn with jeans, leather, multiple colors, and not to mention they are also SUPER COMFORTABLE! Expect to see a lot of cream white sweaters coming from The Rachel Review 😉
For the gallery, click on a photo and then click to the right or left to scroll through more style muse examples!!

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