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Hey guys! If you’ve been following along on my instagram recently, then you know that I’ve been in St. Thomas USVI for the past week. I always try and find a way to make a little vacation happen in the colder months and this trip was the perfect solution to beating the winter blues by heading to clear skies and warm weather! 

One of the things that I always (always) seem to forget when it comes to traveling to islands, Florida, or during the summer is my sunscreen! Amidst packing, planning, and getting everything ready before I leave for a trip, sun-care is definitely last on my list. I normally think of sunscreen about two seconds before I head to the pool or beach and then I’m left scrambling to borrow some or I pay some overpriced amount for whatever is available at the gift shop. Not cool. This trip, I decided to change my bad habit of neglecting my sun protection and brought down a COOLA Mineral Suncare Travel Set; and I can actually say I was shocked at how much I enjoyed wearing sunscreen (if thats even a thing!) 

The whole travel set comes in an adorable wristlet (perfect for throwing into a beach bag or suitcase), is TSA approved, and has four skin-saving products in it. Perfect for a weekend away! 

The Mineral Sport SPF 30 Citrus Mimosa Sunscreen has the best scent! It feels so much nicer than putting on greasy traditional sunscreen and it absorbed into my skin without leaving the annoying white lines (you guys know exactly what I’m talking about here!) and its made of 70% certified organic ingredients so I felt completely comfortable lathering up! 

The Mineral Face SPF 30 Matte Tint is probably my favorite product in the bag. Finally! A solution for natural sun care and makeup all in one little tube! It is infused with antioxidants to help prevent signs of aging caused by sun damage and is filled with great ingredients like Rose Hip Oil and Shea Butter. I generally skip the sun care on my face altogether (bad habits!) because of the greasy feeling of most sunscreens but the BB Cream mineral sunscreen felt like butter (or really luxurious primer!) and my face was left soft, smooth, and most importantly : protected. 

When it comes to vacation, sometimes the thrill of just relaxing by the beach or jumping in the pool outweighs the few minutes it takes to put on sunscreen and when that happens, you’re left burnt and in need of some relief! My boyfriend was very happy to hear that I had ER + Radical Recovery After-  Sun lotion in my travel kit to help with his burns from this very thing! I used a little on my shoulders after we spent a day hiking through the Baths at Virgin Gorda to get a little relief from being in the sun all day. 

Lastly, the Mineral Suncare Travel Set Comes with Tinted Mineral Liplux (mine was in the color Nude Beach) which covers you for protecting your lips! Lips often go neglected but have some of the softest skin on your face, so its important to protect them with a sheer layer of balm. Layering on this pretty lip color was a treat. 

To sum it all up, my review on COOLA in one word: Perfection. The combination of great sun care, organic materials, luxury, convenience and overall appeal comes to life with this travel kit. Don’t believe me? Try one for yourselves and order a travel set here

Xo! Rachel 🙂 

Mineral Suncare Travel Set c/o COOLA 


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