The Magic of #PlantsOnPink!

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  • Rachel Walker
  • June 14, 2016

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The second I saw it, I knew I was in love. No, I’m not talking about coffee, chocolate, or a glass of wine here. What I am talking about is the magic of @PlantsOnPink. I’m not entirely sure how, when, or why I came across the instagram feed back about a year ago, but the second I started scrolling through the feed of photos featuring different plants up against various shades of pink, I was hooked. I got that feeling you get when something just ‘clicks’ and you know it. I wanted to share my latest design find with you all, but first, I decided to reach out to @PlantsOnPink ‘s stylish founder, Lotte van Baalen ( to find out a little bit more about the sensation behind @PlantsOnPink !

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RW: What inspired you to start the @plantsonpink instagram account?

LB: I was always fascinated by great colour combinations, and for a while my focus was on the combination of green and pink. They are quite contrasting, but I find them very interesting and well balanced together. Where attention goes, energy flows, so I saw it more and more. Then one day, I rode my bike passed a pink wall with green plants in front of it, and then I knew: @PlantsOnPink

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RW: Do you have a background in style / design / fashion or do you incorporate plants / pink into your normal daily routine?

LB: As a daughter of two artists and a former visual arts student I was always creative, and I always find ways of expressing myself. It´s in my bones! I think my artistic upbringing and the fact that I was always creatively challenged both at home and in school really trained my ´eye´. I´m very visually oriented. Plants and pink are a great part of my life, I work with them everyday!


RW: Are there specific plants you like to feature? I seem to notice a lot of palm leaves, cacti, etc.

LB: Yes, I really love cacti, exotic leafs like the monstera and palms. They´re so luscious,[I] just can´t get enough of them!


RW: How far has the #PlantsOnPink movement spread?

LB: Literally everywhere. My followers come from all corners of the world and I have done interviews for amazing magazines like Dazed&Confused Korea, Elle Decoration South Africa and AnOther Magazine. I´m very grateful to have such a broad scope and that I´m able to reach so many.


RW: Where do you see yourself taking the account? Would you start a brand or clothing line?

I would love to! But I also want to put my skills out there, apart from the @PlantsOnPink realm. I think I can help people or companies with online imaging, but I am also capable of art direction, trend work and concept styling. I´m open for everything and cannot wait what the future has in store for me. I know it must be great.


RW: What involvement does #PlantsonPink have with its community? Do you host or have you been apart of any unique events?

LB: I was happy to meet some of my fellow @PlantsOnPink lovers during my exhibition at New York Design Week last May. It was so great to see @PlantsOnPink come to life on a very big scale and to interact with the people who have been following my project from the very beginning. I feel like a very lucky woman! Next month I will travel to Marrakech with my boyfriends, for a brand new very exciting @PlantsOnPink project. Stay tuned!


RW: How has the instagram community reacted to plants on pink? What kind of feedback do you most often get?

LB: Everybody is so kind and I really feel supported! People often tell me that my feed is soothing and somehow therapeutic in its colourful simplicity. That´s a huge compliment. I hardly ever get any negative reaction, at least not directly. Good vibes only!


RW: From your personal account, [] I see that you post up a lot about being ‘Dutch in New York’ – What is Dutch style like compared to the US?

LB: I think you people in the US want to see you grow, they want you to succeed beyond your dreams. They´re less intimidated by being talented, beautiful and intelligent. Dutchies are great and I really love my people but they tend more towards a calvinistic lifestyle; ´just act normal, and don´t be a brag.´


RW: Aside from being the curator behind Plants on Pink, what are some of your other cool hobbies / passions?

LB: I love to sing, dance, dress up, style, laugh, talk, work with colours, words and people and to work out. I´m very expressive in the broadest sense off the word.


RW: How has the Plants on Pink movement changed your perspective on design/ life / collaborations / people / fashion / decor / horticulture ?

LB: @PlantsOnPink has changed my perspective to life because I am experiencing the power of positive energy everyday. Work hard and grind, be focused, be nice, be smart and do it all with a smile. I´m still amazed by all the cool people I have met, projects I´ve done and places I´ve visited. It´s humbling. I am blessed.


RW: If there was one thing you would like to tell all of your instagram followers, what would it be?

LB: Thank you!

by Marjolijn van Dijk

Thank You so much Lotte for the great interview! I look forward to seeing the awesome design inspirations and new projects that come out of @PlantsOnPink! – R 

Make sure to follow @PlantsOnPink & @Lotte.Lotte.Lotte on Instagram for more plant on pink inspo! 





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