The Power of Perception

  • Fashion
  • Rachel Walker
  • May 26, 2016


Why do we believe people when they tell us who they are? What factors make one person’s claim stand out from the next? For me, I look at the tangibles. Do people act like the position they claim? When they talk the talk, do they also walk the walk? Its kind of a funny thing, but recently, I came across the saying “Power is the product of perception” . . . and something in me clicked. Just thinking about that saying gave me quite the grin on my face. It reminded me of the saying “the clothes make the man” or in this case, “the clothes make the woman”. People respond to what they perceive to be true. So if you want something to happen, start acting like it already has happened! Its almost like a self-fulfilling prophecy. Changing the perspective of others actually changes their responses to you. I find that really fascinating! Think of a cop. If somebody dresses up likes a cop, puts some flashing lights in their car (I don’t know how but lets just say they could) and decided to pull you over, the first thought wouldn’t be “yea I bet this guy is just impersonating a cop” but rather  “Why am I getting pulled over!?!” Its funny but nobody questions the uniform. Now, I’m not suggesting that we go impersonating cops, but what I am suggesting for my readers is that you take that saying into mind. Power is the product of perception. Who knows where it may lead you!

Xo R

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