The Transformative Powers of a New Look

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  • Claire Cavanaugh
  • March 8, 2017

hair long hair blonde hair

I’ve always had long hair. Sure, I’d get a trim every now and then, and on rare, impulsive occasion, I’d make a drastic chop. Typically, a trip to the salon came with no shortage of “wow, I haven’t seen you in a while!” comments. But whether I allowed them to snip the ends or cut a few inches, I always let it grow back out to around rib-length. Maybe I’d gotten too comfortable, maybe I couldn’t handle styling shorter hair, or maybe I was just lazy. We’ll probably never know, and chances are you probably don’t care – not your hair, not your problem. Not your locks, not your thoughts. Anyway.

My transformation started with a bad habit. Oddly enough, that bad habit took the form of a bun. You heard me. Not hot-crossed, not cinnamon – a good old-fashioned hair bun. As my hair maintained its ridiculous length, I became less and less inclined to spend the required time drying and styling it (which, when you’re dealing with the load I was, almost always ends in sweat and frustration anyway). So, my clever shortcut was to throw that sucker up in a (hair) bun straight out of the shower. (Looking back, I wonder if people thought my hair was just permanently wet.)

I guess the bun itself wasn’t the bad habit. The “habit” part came as the day went on, as I continuously “fixed” the bun, inevitably working it into a deeper and deeper knot until eventually, showers began with a twenty minute brushing session and ended with a handful of hair in the drain. My hair was sad and unhealthy, but alas, habits are hard to break.

In addition to destroying my hair, I was losing motivation to do anything else with it. Eventually, it got to the point that I couldn’t remember the last time I’d had my hair down, and neither could a certain friend of the boy variety in my life. It was getting to be intervention time, and I had to get ahead of it.

So finally, after months and months of lazy, tangled, sad (hair) buns, I decided that I needed to make a change, and fast. By day one of my Christmas break this year, I had chopped a good six or seven inches.

“I decided that I needed to make a change, and fast.”

From that moment on, I (quite literally) felt a weight lifted off my shoulders. For me, an external transformation brought an internal one as well.

Whether you’re considering a haircut or even just changing your makeup routine, a new look has the power to bring about a new you. Curious what transformations lie ahead? Read on!

hair long hair blonde hair


After my transformation, my hair literally feels better – healthier, lighter, and happier. A new look brings a new confidence. You’re owning a change, and that won’t go unnoticed.


For me, I knew I’d be able to try new and different styles with a shorter hair length. Making a change and trying new things will also contribute to your confidence in your new look. Change is good, and while many of us can be hesitant to embrace it (myself included), we need it every once and a while. More often than not, change turns out to be a blessing – and when it comes to a new look, change brings an opportunity to experience something you may have never thought of trying before.


My hair is now at a much more manageable length. Maybe your transformations include saving time, money, and effort in some way. New looks don’t just make you look great – they are often practical in the long run.


Since cutting my hair, I feel that I’ve embodied a more professional, mature look. However your transformation influences your sense of identity, embrace it! If after a little while you don’t feel like it’s truly you, your new look is only permanent if you want it to be. Which brings me to…


After a few months with my new look, I’ve decided I want to keep this hair length. It’s brought me confidence, allowed me to influence and embrace change, introduced a more practical routine, and influenced my sense of self in a positive way. Of course, not everyone will have this experience. But regardless of whether or not you decide to keep your new look, you will have tried something new and learned something about yourself!

 How would a new look bring about transformation in your life?

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