Tips for Crafting Your Next Instagram Post

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Whether you’re using Instagram for fun, to build your own personal brand, or for work, it’s only as effective as the user behind it!

DISCLAIMER: I am no professional, but I do love Instagram! Below are a few of my tried and true strategies for the perfect post.


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Applied self-awareness

What are you promoting? Is it a business? A brand? Yourself? The first key step is having a strong grasp of your objectives. From there, you’ll form the following considerations around the purpose your account will serve.

Careful photography

Quality is important. Needless to say, the photos from your Canon will look better than the ones from your iPhone.

However, with a careful, deliberate approach, your camera might not matter as much. Whatever you’re looking to capture, take several photos from a few different angles. Pay attention to your background, lighting, and other key elements that could make the difference between a mediocre photo and a high quality photo. For example: taking a portrait on a really sunny day means not only a squinty expression, but also harsh shadows and highlights. A chaotic background could distract from your subject (whether human or not), but a plain background could be just that: boring.

Of course, not every photo-op is a staged one. But if you have the chance to capture a variety of shots, the more options, the better.

Deliberate editing

Filters are awesome, when used sparingly! Editing apps like VSCO are great in that they provide a wide variety of minimalistic filters, and also allow you to adjust how much you want to apply them to your photo.

However, software like Photoshop (if you’re familiar) may provide you with greater editing flexibility.

Strategic layout

Whether you’ve decided to use filters from your app of choice or a more sophisticated program like Photoshop (no judgment!), it’s time to start building consistency. Continuously using the same filter and/or editing the same way will ensure that your feed is visually pleasing as a whole, and is another key step in brand building.

Stylized captions

Depending on whether your Instagram has more professional or personal intent, your captions should reflect your objective accordingly.

Personal accounts might benefit more from brief, witty captions, whereas captions on professional accounts might be more explanatory. Whichever purpose your account serves, however, spelling and grammar are to be taken seriously!

Make use of emojis and hashtags when applicable, whether to add a little something extra on personal accounts, or to bring a little more voice and personality on professional accounts.


What are your tried and true Instagram strategies? Weigh in below!





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