Chic & Feminine Ways to Wear Florals this Summer

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  • Rachel Walker
  • July 25, 2017

Just as every flower has its own time to bloom, floral prints have really grown on me in this past year. Perhaps it is the fact that Dolce & Gabanna created the most stunning collection of rose prints just a year prior or that Gucci’s new handbag line also features both embroidered and painted flowers. Whatever the cause, florals have caught my eye and I think I’ve nailed the secret to shopping the right floral patterns. 

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The key to wearing flower prints in a chic and feminine way is to take note in the spacing of the florals and the detailing of the design. Let me explain. 

Large, over-stated flower prints can be a little harsher on the eye and can appear as blobs of color if the prints aren’t detailed enough. Conversely, mini florals printed all over can sometimes be overbearing and take away from the look. When I shop for prints, I like to make sure that there is a good mix of detail and color. Florals that look like actual flowers are the best (as compared to more abstract designs) and softer background colors (pink, blush, powder blue, lilac) can really make the detailing in the florals POP

Certain materials can make flower prints appear more feminine as well. A chiffon blouse, lace, or silk add a feminine air that cannot be matched. When pulling together an outfit, I like to make sure there is balance. For this reason, wearing head-to-toe floral print is not my favorite look. Instead, I like to have one article of clothing be a print while the rest of my look is one solid color. 

Another chic way to wear floral prints is to add them in your accessories. Accessories are a great way to try a new design out without committing to an entire look. I like to experiment with handbags, shoes, and jewelry when trying out new designs such as polka dots, flowers, stripes, and more!  

What are your favorite types of prints? Share your experiences below! 🙂 

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