What to Wear to A Wedding

  • Fashion
  • Rachel Walker
  • July 16, 2017

From the beginning of Spring until the end of Summer, a week does not pass by without a mention of a wedding. Love is in the air, happy couples find themselves exchanging vows and all is well. That is, until you have to make the decision of what to wear to a wedding. Weddings come in all shapes and sizes and for the most part – it is always a good rule of thumb to over-dress rather than show up too casually. I put together this video to help answer all of your wedding wardrobe questions as well as showcase some of my previous outfit choices for weddings that I have attended.


Some of the key points mentioned in this video are:

It is always better to over-dress than to under-dress

Dress in layers for weather concerns

Make sure to dress appropriately depending on the type of ceremony (religious)

Avoid wearing WHITE and RED

Avoid up-staging the bride (or groom!)

If purchasing, invest in something you’ll wear again

If renting, go all out! (I use Rent the Runway for a lot of my outfits)

Where to Shop

Rent the Runway : Click Here

Femme Boutique Boston : Click Here



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