Why Faith is Important

why faith is important

Good Morning and Happy Wednesday! For today’s post, I wanted to talk about faith. Faith comes into play in so many aspects of our lives and keeping the faith when the going gets tough is essential for achieving your dreams. So, why is faith important anyways? 

I want to start this quick post with a bible verse (and no, this isn’t going to be a conversation about that type of faith – although I am a big fan of that kind as well!) that I write out and read to myself aloud Every. Single. Day. It goes as follows; 

“Faith is the realization of what is hoped for and evidence of things not seen” – Hebrews 11:1 

For a long time throughout my entrepreneurial journey, I struggled with faith. Sure, I believed that I could do everything that I set my mind to. I talked the talk when it came to understanding my industry but I seldom walked the walk. 

It wasn’t until I saw the verse listed above on a coffee mug I found at Marshalls that I understood why faith is important. I looked up the word “realization” and thought long and hard about what it meant. I bought the mug (and then went back and bought a second one to keep at my office) and have used this one piece of scripture to help me get through each and every step of my journey. 

The reason why Faith is important is because faith is not only the belief or idea of something you hope to accomplish – it is the actual steps you take to accomplish your goals! Faith is the realization – meaning – the moment you see your hopes as FACT and take action on them. Think about it. When you accept something as a fact what do you do? If it is a FACT that people are going to be reading this blog post then what is it that I must do? You guessed it! WRITE! 

If it is a FACT that you will look fabulous tomorrow then what will you do tonight? PLAN out your outfit! 

If it is a FACT that your candidate will win the election – what action will you do now? VOTE! 

Faith is the action you take now once you accept your hopes as FACT. 

Could the things you hope for fail to happen? Of course. The fact of life is that every single day – we really have no idea what could happen and so, everything we do depends on and relies on faith (even the things we take for certain). 

Let’s use the example of an expectant mother. A woman finds out that she is pregnant. In nine months time, she expects to have a child – but really it is a hope. There is no guarantee that she will deliver a healthy child or that she will even make it past the first trimester (I swear I am not trying to be grim here just wait a second) without a miscarriage. There is no written-in-stone-guarantee. What does she do? Instead of throwing her hands in the air saying “well, I have no idea whats going to happen” and continuing in her pre-pregnancy ways, the expectant mother takes action in preparing herself and her surroundings to deliver a healthy baby. 

She changes her eating habits (cuts down on caffeine, avoids drinking alcohol, starts taking pre-natal vitamins, etc.) and plans for the future of her unborn child. All the while, these steps are helping the baby grow. The mother’s faith (action) is bringing her hope (a healthy baby) to life (literally!!!) 

The reason why faith is important is because it is the direct action needed in order to make our hopes a reality! So, the next time that you hope for something, ask yourself;

“What will my faith have me do now if, for a fact, (insert your hope) will happen?” 

What are your thoughts? Comment below! Xo, R. 


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